Course Outline

Going through a progress report with a student
The driver training programme used is based on the competency framework set by the Department for Planning and Infrastructure. Winthrop Driving School has a complete training programme for the beginner through to a client who may need to redo a practical driving assessment.

The Beginner

The first lesson will be carried out in a controlled environment such as an industrial area or car park. Emphasis will be placed on understanding the workings of the vehicle – steering, indicators, mirrors.

The second lesson focuses on using the basic driving skills-

a) Roundabouts

b) Left turns, right turns

c) Position on roads

d) Changing lanes

Lesson three involves learning more advanced driving skills-

a) Parking – forward

b) In and out of driveways

c) Crossing major roads, for example South Street and Leach Highway.

Lesson four is practising parking skills –

a) Reverse parking

b) Reverse parallel parking

Lesson five focuses on manoeuvors for the driving test –

a) Left something behind

b) Stopping for shopping

c) Reverse parallel park

Lesson five revisits the previous lesson to prepare for the driving test.

Lesson seven is a mock practical driving assessment (based on the official Willagee Licensing centre assessment) –

a) If you pass the mock test you should feel confident that you possess the skills to pass a Dept of Transport Government test.

b) If you attempt the test and fail – keep practicing.